FG, Diversify Power Transmission


In March this year, the Association of Power Generation Companies (APGC) stated that it had the capacity to generate 12,000 megawatts to meet the electricity needs of Nigerians.

Speaking at the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, the Executive Secretary of APGC, Mrs. Joy Ogaji, noted that the power generating companies currently have an available 8,000 megawatts capacity.

According to her: “The generation companies have an available capacity of 8,000MW. Out of the 8,000MW, the Transmission Company or the transporter that can take this power from us to give to the distribution, has a capacity of maximum 5,500, which is what they claim, but we believe they can’t take more than 4,500.

“A system stress test that was conducted on the distribution lines shows that the distribution companies (DISCOs), can take a maximum of 4,600MW.”

Against this backdrop, the Federal Government needs to do its bounden duty by expanding the transmission network in the country.

A country as big and as blessed as Nigeria is should not rely on obsolete transmission networks.

We should be mindful of the fact that the current transmission network will collapse sooner or later if it is not upgraded.

That would readily plunge the nation into darkness and make a mess of the Sustainable Development Goals embraced by the Federal Government and other developing countries.

Source: Nigerian Tribune


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