ANED to Unmetered Residential Customers: Continue Paying Your Estimated Electricity Bills


Acknowledging the fact that electricity consumers may have misconstrued a recent directive by the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) exempting hitherto unmetered maximum demand (MD) customers from paying bills, the Association of Nigerian Electricity Distributors (ANED) has appealed to residential (small demand) customers across the country to continue paying their estimated bills and not misconstrue the directive to include them.


A statement issued by ANED on behalf of the 11 distribution companies (DisCos) yesterday in Abuja explained that the directive by NERC was targeted at some of the Maximum Demand (MD) customers that may not have been metered after the metering deadline for them which was originally 28th February, but extended to 1st March, 2017 at the request of the DisCos expired.

The statement issued by the Head/CEO, Azu Obiaya dismissed the report in a section of the media that NERC stopped all unmetered electricity customers from paying the estimated bill, saying “This is incorrect as it only applies to MD,  customers and not residential customers.”

“The MD customers who are also called Large Power Users (LPU) include mainly MDAs, large plazas estates,  large firms, and small-scale industries, e.t.c., with consumption threshold of 45KVA from whom huge revenue is generated.

“The MD meters are connected on the 11Kv (High tension wire) electricity lines, mostly on dedicated transformers,” the statement explained further.

ANED said the DisCos will continue to operate with the estimated billing methodology approved by NERC as frantic efforts are being made to ensure completion of the on-going metering processes according to the  Performance Agreements with the Bureau for Public Enterprises (BPE).

Meanwhile NERC in a statement issued by the AGM on Media, Mrs Vivian Mbonu yesterday said, non-MD customers that do not have meters must continue to pay their estimated bills but warned the DisCos to strictly adhere to estimation methodology rather than hiking bills.

Source: All News Nigeria

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