Load Rejection Stops 2,900MW into Electricity Grid


The nation’s electricity grid crashed significantly to a peak generation of 3,346 megawatts (mw) yesterday, hours after 27 turbines were deprived of generating 2,979mw because of poor gas supply and transmission line problems, the Daily Trust reports.

Industry statistics obtained from the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) shows Monday’s peak electricity generation was 4,134mw with the lowest generation at 2,548mw.

Although an average of 4,000mw peak generation has been sustained, by yesterday the peak generation dipped to 3,346mw, the lowest in the last 23 days when the peak grid power dropped to 3,635mw on May 21, 2017.

The data breakdown on the 2,979mw power loss indicates that 1,762mw was lost to inadequate gas supply, 387mw to transmission lines and 830mw lost to the non-operation of DisCos’ feeders.

The 1,762mw loss traced to poor gas supply affected 15 electricity turbines across eight thermal Generation Companies (GenCos). Four National Integrated Power Projects (NIPP) plants experienced acute shortage of gas supply and lost 890mw due to seven idle gas-fired turbines.

The NIPPs are, Geregu NIPP whose two idle turbines lost 290mw; Olorunsogo NIPP did not operate two turbines and lost 240mw. Alaoji NIPP’s two turbines were down and could not contribute 240mw while a turbine of Omotosho NIPP could not produce 120mw.

The other four GenCos lost 872mw from eight idle turbines. Egbin GenCo’s turbine could not produce 220mw, Omotosho Gas GenCo had three idle turbines that didn’t generate 114mw, a turbine of Olorunsogo Gas GenCo did not produce 38mw, and Afam VI lost the largest of 500mw after its three turbines became idle due to shortage in gas supply.

Transmission line constraints led to the loss of 387mw from four idle turbines in three GenCos. Ibom lost35mw from a turbine; Gbarain NIPP loss 112mw from a turbine, and Odukpani NIPP lost 240mw from two turbines.

The frequency challenge caused by the shutdown of DisCo’s feeders (load rejection) deprived electricity customers of 830mw last Monday. The incidence affected three GenCos who had to ramp down power by shutting down their eight turbines.

Shiroro hydro GenCo lost 260mw as it turned off its two turbines; Jebba hydro turned off its five turbines and lost 450mw while Omotosho NIPP turned off a turbine and lost 120mw.

Source: Daily Trust

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