Akwa Ibom Gov. Promises Widespread Electricity Supply


Despite widespread commendations that have trailed the improved electricity supply in a some sections of Uyo, the Akwa Ibom State capital, residents of other parts of Uyo have continued to lament over total blackout or epileptic power supply.

Independent reports that the Akwa Ibom State Governor, Mr Udom Emmanuel on July 11, 2017,  commission a 132KV, 2/15MVA injection substation along 4-lane, Uyo to supply constant power to Ewet Housing Estate, Shelter Afrique, 4-lane, Nwaniba down to Le-Meridien Ibom Hotels and Golf Resort.

Provoked by the testimonies by residents of these areas, residents of other parts of Uyo who are still battling with issues of total blackout or epileptic power supply took to the social media to lay bare their grievances over what they considered to be disparity in distribution of basic social amenities.

In a swift reaction however, Governor Udom Emmanuel in an interaction with government house correspondents has assured Uyo residents and indeed the generality of Akwa Ibom people that he still has a lot to offer to address the issue in the state’s power sector.

Emmanuel appealed for a little more time, as his administration has set out modalities to ensure that the entire state will be boosted with improved power supply.

Referring to the on-going power sub station project in Ekim, Mkpat Enin local government area being undertaken by his administration, Mr Emmanuel said, “I just had a meeting yesterday with the management of the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) to see what we can do in terms of Ekim, once we take that on, we take on Oron, I can now come back to answer your question; but I know where we are going to.”

The governor said the success recorded in the power infrastructure development of the state was part of his blueprint to develop the sector, in line with his campaign promises.

“When I was campaigning, I said these things are not rocket sciences, it takes dedication, sincerity of service to get these things done. As I said, we are just trying to test out what blueprint we have, just give us a little time.”

Confirming the state government’s position and steps toward improved power supply in the state, the Board Chairman, Ibom Power Company, Engr. Etido Inyang disclosed intention of the Emmanuel-led administration to ensure uninterrupted power in both rural and urban centers across the state.

“What is the effect of the 4-lane sub-station? For Akwa Ibom State, we start with Uyo metropolis, to ensure power 24/7. This is again the vision of his Excellency to ensure constant power 24hours a day by 2018. By this sub-station you are going to have Ewet Housing, Shelter Afrique, 4-lane and then Nwaniba down to Le-Meridien”.

“Then we take another arm of that  from Afaha Ubeh, to the airport road, and then we take another dedicated line to the airport. Ekim substation is also constructed by the Akwa Ibom State government. Part of this is like; don’t wait for federal government, do what you can and then they will come”.

“Eket will now take power to industries in Ikot Abasi and Mkpat Enin area. Again we are working with Federal Government and with TCN to help us transmit dedicated power into Oron so that we can drop at Mbo area, so another substation is going in there”. He explained

To achieve these lofty plans towards ensuring constant electricity supply in the state, Inyang said the state government has taken steps to improve power generation from the present 191mw to the 685 originally licensed for.

Source: Independent

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