57 Streets Write Ikeja Electric: No Pre-paid Metres, No Bill Payment

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Residents of about 57 streets in the area, on the platform of Concerned Resi-dents Community, led by their Chairman, Engr. Yusuf Usman, said they will no longer pay any bill without prepaid metres and an end to estimated billing. Prepaid Meters Failed meeting Armed with a letter for the company’s CEO, the aggrieved protesters were denied entrance into the premises.

However, at 12:39p.m., the Head of Security, Mr. Mandu Albert, arrived and invited four members of the protesters, including the PRO, Mr. Ife Aderoju, for a meeting. The representatives, led by the Chairman, Engr. Usman, stormed out few minutes later, saying they will only negotiate with the management team of IKDC. According to Engr. Usman, “we have dropped our letter. We could not meet with any of the managers.

If they want dialogue, let them invite us. Otherwise, this is the end of paying bills for darkness. “How can anyone justify the increase of a three-bedroom bill from N4,000 to N30,000? Our lawyer is preparing.” Previous attempts One of the residents, Mrs Abiodun Babatunde, told Vanguard that they had been making attempts to talk to the undertakers and the headquarters since January without success. So they decided on this action.

Vanguard’s attempts to talk to management staff of the DISCO were unsuccessful, as security men at the gate only took contact numbers of the reporter. Some of the affected streets include Abbey Road, Abidogun, Adebimpe, Adekoya, Ibiwoye Oba, Ikorodu Road, Soetan, Wereni Close, among others.


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