Kaduna Electric Renews Call for Stiffer Legislation as Energy Theft Persists


Kaduna Electric said it has continued to suffer the scourge of energy theft by losing a huge percentage of its revenue on a regular basis to the ugly trend in spite of recent campaigns against it.

Disclosing this to Leadership yesterday during a telephone chat, the head corporate communications, Abdulazeez Abdullahi said by-passing of meters has become a prevalent practice among electricity consumers who have been metered even after the distribution company (Disco) had appealed against that severally in recent past.

He maintained that the act has continued unabated because there is no stiff penalty provided for by the Nigerian law against it, calling on the federal government to facilitate the making of laws with stiffer sanctions to discourage those who perpetrate the act.

According to him, the current law prescribes N50, 000 for offenders which they easily pay and go back to same act.

“We are calling on the federal government to come up as quickly as possible with a legislation that would prescribe jail term or tangible amount to serve as deterrent to intending meter by-passers.”

“What we observed is that those who are caught cheating through by-passing of meter and other related offences always pay their way out with the N50, 000 stipulated as fine and later go back to the act having found that it is that easy to get off the hook.”



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