1600 Rural Electrification Power Projects Abandoned – REA


Nigeria’s Rural Electrification Agency (REA) has detected 1600 electrification projects it said were abandoned by project contractors at different rural communities in Nigeria for more than five years now, OGN reports.

REA in the Rural Electrification Strategy Implementation Plan (RESIP) said the projects were not completed because they were not adequately funded, or poorly planned. It also explained that even if some of them were completed, they may still not provide electricity to beneficiary communities because they had no reliable power supply sources. The RESIP said about $205 million would be required by the REA to conclude the abandoned projects, adding that a smart approach to their completion would be adopted.

In dealing with the problems associated with completing these legacy rural electrification projects, the RESIP explained that the REA would engage all relevant stakeholders including the FGN MDAs involved in rural electrification projects implementation: states and their rural electrification agencies, local governments, communities, industry, civil society groups, and financiers to create the necessary interest and encourage the various actors to take over and complete some of the viable rural electrification projects.

Source: Energy Mix

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