Azuri’s ‘Beyond the Grid’ Solar Initiative Electrifies over 1,000 Homes in Rural Kano


Azuri Technologies in partnership with NDPHC through its ‘beyond the grid’ project has electrified over 1,000 households in the rural off grid Kano communities so far, as active deployment commenced mid-July, Business Day reports.

Combining solar energy and mobile phone technology to deliver power, Azuri’s Paygo Quad is delighting rural Kano. The Federal government-supported initiative is taking Kano by storm and promised to deliver 20,000 solar home systems in ten states as the first phase of reaching the millions of Nigerians currently lacking access to electricity.

Following an extensive sensitisation campaign, the Azuri Quad was launched in Kano in July. The company reports in a statement that interest was high at the various town hall meetings where local communities were directly engaged. Within the first two weeks, over three hundred customers subscribed to have the Quad installed in their homes, showing the hunger for access to clean and affordable energy.

Source: EnergyMix

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