Nigeria Strategic to Our Africa Plan —Eaton Electric


THERE are indications that Nigeria remains strategic for investment in oil and gas, despite its numerous challenges.

Marketing Director, Africa, Eaton Electric, Sumaya Abdool, said the company would continue to invest in Nigeria under its five-year strategic plan. Consequently, Abdool said that her visit was based on the need to help nurture Eaton’s office as well as the brand that came into the country three years ago.

She added that in September last year, Africa’s five-year strategy was presented to Eaton’s Chief Executive Officer, Craig Arnold and was approved, adding, “When you look at what’s happening in Nigeria, with the growing population comes the growing need for infrastructure, and with the growing need of infrastructure comes the need for quality products and solution. These products and solutions are things we are focusing on specifically.

“We offer quality power, uninterrupted power supply (UPS) and backup systems in commercial buildings as well as fire and lighting products. We believe in training, equipping people with global expertise, giving them the knowledge of the right solutions, which they will in turn, take to the market. We had a graduate programme, where we took them to South Africa to do six-month training. We have laid the foundation for our partners.

”When I think about what they do in terms of their vision and their mission within the organisation for a broader scale of Africa, it’s just so fascinating, a vision to improve the quality of life and the environment by providing management products and solutions.

We have the ability to provide multiple solutions across various segments of mining, oil and gas, utilities, IT channel, as well as commercial buildings.

“We want to make sure we develop the country in areas it needs to grow and equip people with the right skills to grow. I think that really talks about our vision of improving the quality of life, ensuring that the employment rate continues to grow. For me, I would not say why Nigeria, but why not Nigeria?

“My team just rolled on a new product, which focuses heavily on fire lighting safety products, this is important for our Nigerian team, to build and improve products within Nigeria. It is a huge drive that has been pushed into the market through our various distributors. We are excited about the women skills development programme across Africa. What we are doing with this programme is identifying some of the gaps in these regions and helping to deploy them.

“We have really good quality products that focus on safety and life improvement. We are very competitive in the market. We target architects, consultants in the commercial building market, while in the homeowners, from the safety point of view, we are trying to do an awareness trial in safety measures.”


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