Load Shedding by DisCos Threatens Eight NIPP Plants


The inability of electricity distribution companies to absorb the output of power generation firms is threatening the operation of the Gencos, The Punch reports.

Worse hit among the power generation companies is the Niger Delta Power Holding Company, which has a total of 10 power stations across the country. The NDPHC, which belongs to the three tiers of the government, has a generation capacity of about 5,000 Megawatts from 10 National Integrated Power Project stations. Given the inability and refusal of distribution companies to lap up the full capacity of power available from the generation firms, the National Control Centre in Osogbo has curtailed the quantity of power each should produce.

Investigation showed that on monthly basis, the NDPHC had been producing about 400MW or 10 per cent of what it could produce from eight of its 10 operational power plants. While private operators were allocated as much as 85 per cent of their available capacities, the NDPHC plants were being allowed to produce just about 10 per cent of their available capacities as the company was said to be used merely for balancing load. Piqued by this development, authorities at the NDPHC had written some letters to the NCC, seeking to redress the situation.


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