Solar Energy: Nigeria’s Best Shot at Eradicating Its Electricity Problem


In March 2017, some nursing mothers protested at a hospital in Rivers State over the death of their babies as a result of a power outage at the hospital.

“My child was okay before they took light, but three hours after there was no light, the doctors came and said my baby was dead”, one of the mothers said. “The situation at this health facility is disheartening. We, nursing mothers, drink cold water tea and bath with cold water due to lack of electricity to boil water”, she added.

Although the doctor dismissed the blackout as the possible cause of the deaths, he could not debunk the further claims of the women; how they drink cold tea and bath with cold water due to lack of electricity.

This scenario presents one in a million cases in Nigeria where non-availability of electricity has resulted in a severe loss. Since Nigeria’s independence on October 1, 1960, its epileptic electricity state has only worsened and incessantly crippled operations across multiple sectors of the Nigerian economy.

In this documentary published by PowerUp Nigeria in 2013, some Nigerians express their dissatisfaction over the power challenge.

Source: IWIN

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