Manitoba Failed to Achieve Goals in Management Contract – TCN MD


Manitoba Hydro International, the Canadian firm that was awarded the management contract for the Transmission Company of Nigeria for four years, failed to meet the target given to it by the Federal Government, as it could not reinvigorate or pull out the TCN from its inefficiencies, The Punch reports.

According to the Interim Managing Director, TCN, Usman Mohammed, instead of repositioning the firm, the MHI left the transmission company worse than it met it. Mohammed disclosed this in a presentation he made at one of the technical sessions at the just concluded National Council on Power.

Mohammed noted that within the four years of Manitoba’s management of the transmission company, the firm witnessed a sharp rise in its top level workforce, in addition to a procurement process that was far from meeting standard practices. Mohammed, who was recruited from the African Development Bank by the government to manage the TCN, noted that the situation of the company became much worse under Manitoba.

Source: Energy Mix

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