FG Warns TCN Against ‘Lack of Maintenance’ Culture


Minister of Power, Works and Housing, Mr. Babatunde Fashola, has warned the Transmission Company of Nigeria against the ‘lack of maintenance’ culture, urging them to make available spare parts for their equipment.

According to a statement obtained by SweetcrudeReports on Monday, the Minister said lack of maintenance had caused the untimely death of TCN’s many substations due to unavailable spare parts for replacement of damaged or worn out parts.

“We need to know the regular part that frequently breaks down so that we can make provision for it. Go into your records, and let us know the parts that damage frequently or once in six months, what damage that needs to be upgraded.

“All these will help us to plan ahead because they are all mechanical things. We can’t be reacting all the time, we must be proactive, he said.

Fashola then urged substations to take records of all the parts that damage regularly, and send list to the Ministry of Procurement.

“If you cannot plan maintenance, you cannot provide service. Distribution Companies (DISCOs) want power, and it is not good to have our substations shutting down all the time”, he said.

Source: IWIN

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