Geogrid Partners with Austrian Firm on Development of Hybrid Power Plant


Lagos-based Geogrid LighTec Limited has struck a partnership with Global Hydro, an energy firm based in Austria, to develop a compact power plant that can harness both hydro and solar sources to produce energy for rural areas, The Punch reports.

The Chief Executive Officer, Geogrid LightTec, said the technology, known as SmartT system, would provide adequate energy to help stabilise the grid with the combination of photovoltaic and hydro energy. According to him, SmartT system is an automated, hybrid power plant that can be installed in small streams and rivers to produce output of approximately one megawatt, and it is fitted into a container, which makes it easy to be transported from one community to another.

One of the founding partners of Global Hydro, Marius Hager, said the company was collaborating with Geogrid to bring the technology to rural communities. According to Global Hydro, the use of high-quality materials and precise manufacturing ensures a long lifecycle for the turbine as well as high yields. Also the power station is already fully assembled at the factory and so can be easily and quickly set up.


Source: Energy Mix Report

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