Nigeria: Power Generation Climbs to 4,000MW


Days after the Transmission Company of Nigeria, TCN, report placed power generation in the country at 1,360 megawatts, MW – a far cry from the country’s installed capacity of 11,165.40MW and national peak demand forecast of 19,100MW – the Nigerian Electricity System Operator, NESO, put power generation in the national grid at 4,145.8MW as at Sunday, October 22 at 06:00hours.

NESO is a semi-autonomous unit under TCN responsible for operating the transmission system.

According to its operational report with spotlight on the grid, peak generation as at Saturday October 21 was 4,722.7MW, a drop of 577MW in a space of 24 hours.

NESO’s report said lowest generation as at Saturday was 3,523.0MW while energy recorded same Saturday was 93,392.21MWH.

Highest system frequency on Saturday was 50.57Hz while lowest system frequency was 49.78Hz.

Highest voltage recorded on Saturday was 352kilo volts, as lowest voltage recorded was 300kV.

NESO puts Nigeria’s national peak demand forecast at 19,100.00MW.

Installed capacity on the grid is 11,165.40MW, available capacity is 7,139.60MW, current transmission capability is 7,000MW, network operational capability, 5,500.00MW; peak generation ever attained: 5,074.7MW while maximum energy ever attained by the grid is 109,372.01MWH.

Source: IWIN

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