NIEEE Says ‘No’ to Dumping of Imported Cables in Nigeria


The Nigerian Institution of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (NIEEE) says it is opposed to a planned trade mission of Turkish Electro Technology Exporters Association to flood Nigeria with imported products.

NIEEE National Chairman, Emmanuel Akinwole, said in a statement that the proposed mission by 23 Turkish firms to market their electrical goods would kill local industries.

“Nigeria produces some of the best wires and cables (low and medium voltage), power transformers, electric meters, fittings, lightings, etc that can compete favorably with any such imported products based on engineering tests and performance.

“Many of the electrical and electronic products assembly plants are operating below capacity or closing down due to government unpredictable and un-premeditating policies.

“Government intends to open our door to 23 Turkish companies through its bi-lateral agreement is an aberration and attempt to unilaterally kill local manufacturing companies and further suffocate the economy through import oriented policy.

“Our economy growth plans should support Nigerian consumption and production for export as we have the capacity to dominate sub-Sahara Africa as a first step,” he said.

The association advised the government to shelve the idea and focus on formulating policies that will enable local manufacturers in the sector to tap into the enormous potentials that abound in the emerging power sector and grow the economy.

“The nation needs investors not products marketers. We stand against products dumping in Nigeria of any form.

“While we may admit that there may be room for a few of these products, the government should encourage these companies to set up their plants in the country as a regional hub to develop our market, balance trade, promote technology transfer and booster our export.

“The planned mission of Turkish Electro Technology Exporters’ Association (TET) to come down to seek buyers and distributors for their products is only living up to it,” the association said.

The organization then urged the Federal Government to evolve policies that encourage local consumption of Nigerian cables, electronics and other electrical production and distribution technologies.

The NIEEE said that facilitating the Turkish trade mission was “a policy somersault and out of tune with government Economic Recovery and Growth Plans (ERGP)”.
“That the federal government will facilitate such bi-lateral trade mission amounts to a complete lack of faith in the efforts to produce and consume made in Nigeria products.

The Nigerian electrical and electronics products manufacturers have been operating under severe and intense suppressive and oppressive economic conditions which have led to the loss of tens of thousands of jobs in recent times which have negative effects on a lot of our members. Many of such companies have scaled down operations or closed down for lack of government enabling policies and supports.

“We would strongly advise the Presidency, National Assembly and all stakeholders to seek advice at all times from competent professionals in the sector to avoid situations which we often find ourselves that make a mockery of our profession, sovereignty, practitioners, and operators,” he said.

Source: IWIN

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