Poor Power Supply: Community Leader Exonerates TCN, Faults DisCos


A community leader in Sapele, Mr. Ben Tobi has faulted the claim by the Director of Planning and Research, who doubles as the spokesman of the Association of Nigerian Electricity Distribution Companies, ANEDCO, Mr Sunday Oduntan, that the Transmission Company of Nigeria, TCN, was responsible for poor power supply and not distribution companies, DisCos.

Blackout as characterized by lack of effective power (electricity) supply in Nigeria According to Mr Oduntan, the TCN deliberately transmit power to areas that consume much power but don’t pay electricity bills. Picking holes in the comment, Tobi asked the DisCos to publish what they earn and disagreed that they were not making profit. ”What is the crime of TCN? Is this what the government wanted from the privatization? Where are the proceeds of the outrageous over-estimated bills they are collecting? They should publish what they collect on a monthly basis and their expenses. They should be blamed for their failure to set up proper machinery to recover their money from electricity consumers.

Even at that, they can’t say they are not making profit. We know how they arrived at their estimated bills. Estimated bills cover all of that. ‘’They said that they would not supply power to areas that they have debtors; what about those that are paying? They should quit the business as Taraba DisCo did. Let me also draw the attention of the Federal government to DisCos claim of buying at N68 and legally allowed to sell at N31.58k, I call on the government not to keep mum on it. If it’s true, then it’s Federal Government that is asking them to be collecting outrageous estimated bills from us. The Government should be clear on what we should pay and put her foot down on proper billing,’’ he said.

Source: IWIN

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