EKEDC to Intensify Efforts at Curbing Energy Theft

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The new Chief Executive Officer  (CEO) of Eko Electricity Distribution Company  (EKEDC), Mr Adeoye Fadeyibi, has reiterated the company’s commitment to fight energy theft and other vices militating against the fulfillment of the company’s mandate.

Speaking at the handing over ceremony organised by the company for the former CEO of EKEDC, Mr Oladele Amoda, Fadebiyi started that “it is a thing of big concern that whilst we toil day and night to continuously improve on our operations and services, some unpatriotic individuals are engaging in the condemnable act of energy theft and meter by-pass. Our advice to such people is straight forward and simple ‘Change your ways or get disgraced.

“We will explore all legal options, including prosecution and naming and shaming in the media, to bring such saboteurs of our efforts to book. Let it be known that though the leadership of the Eko Disco has changed, the business, the market and our products remain the same, just like our goals.”

Fadeyibi said that he would ensure that the right people are put in the right roles and equipped with the right tools, in order for the company to effectively meet the expectations of its customers.

“No business thrives when key players work without clear-cut direction about their designation. This is why we must set standards for all functions and roles, so we can know how we are faring in the realisation of our set goals. Our goal is to create more inclusive leaders and individuals that go above and beyond toward the realisation of our corporate goals.

“For business profitability to be attained, we must plan together, move together and succeed together,’’ he said.

The EKEDC boss promised to ensure regular supply of electricity in its operational territory. He said he will work to ensure the company achieve low level of Aggregate Technical and Commercial (AT&C) losses.

In his speech, Mr Amoda, who retired after 35 years of service in power sector, commended the management for the support and huge investment committed  towards the growth of the company.

According to him, “after my 35 meritorious years of service to my fatherland, l believe it is time for me to bow out, rest and play an advisory role in the power sector and also mentor the young ones.

“I thank God for my life and thank the owners of Eko Disco for their confidence and trust in my ability to lead the company since November 1, 2013 when it was officially privatised.

“I equally thank the entire workforce of EKEDC for their commitment and dedication to services. I would have not achieved this landmark, if not for their support and commitment to the company.”

Amoda said that it has been a challenging period for the power sector and distribution companies in general and thanked the Board of Directors who invested their fund and made it possible to record massive success on effective service delivery.

He assured that he will make himself available to the company whenever they need his attention and advisory role.

Source: Tribune Online

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