EEDC Outage Alert; TCN Station Awka


The management of Enugu Electricity Distribution Company (EEDC) has released a statement to inform its esteemed customers of a current power outage.

The reasons for the outage was due to a breaker fault at the TCN station, Awka, and areas that have been affected by this development are


  1. Unizik 11KV
  2. Awka Industrial 11KV
  3. Ifite 11KV
  4. Amansea 11KV
  5. 33KV line which takes supply from Agu Awka Injection Substation that feeds Abagana 11KV, Nimo 11KV, Ukpo 11KV and Enugu-Ukwu 11KV feeders
  6. Enugu Agidi 2.5MVA which radiates from Enugu-Ukwu 33KV line, supplying Enugu Ukwu and 33KV line from Agu Awka Injection Substation supplying Aguleri town are also affected.

TCN Engineers have promised to fix the problem within the earliest possible time, and supply would be restored as soon as the fault is rectified.

Source: SparkOnline

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