Meter Manufacturer Blames DisCos for Poor Electricity Supply


Bright Nwangwu, chairman of Sebrud Consortiums, says poor power distribution is due to decayed network, which Distribution Companies (DisCos) have failed to service.

Sebrud Consortiums is an indigenous firm that manufactures voltage pre-paid meter.

Nwangu, a chartered electrical engineer, said in an interview in Awka on Tuesday that this costs DisCos 20 per cent of power generated.

He blamed the challenge in the nation’s power supply system, especially in the South East, on dearth of people with capacity and technical competence to manage the system.

According to him, the inefficiency and low profitability of the DisCos would continue if they don’t service and build on the infrastructure they inherited from Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN).

Nwangwu said there was so much grime in the power distribution sub-sector because old routines of re-tensioning of transmission line, filtering of transformers, replacement of worn-out or broken-down insulators were no longer practised.

He claimed that there was no Capacitor Correction System (CCS) in the entire South East states and that the only CCS in the country before the DisCos took over from PHCN was in Maryland, Lagos.

CCS is necessary for the minimisation of iron and copper loss in the system, he said, adding that the DISCOs are being pulled back by the iron losses.

“Power supply in the country is very poor because some of the distribution companies are not doing their jobs correctly, especially Enugu Electricity Distribution Company (EEDC).

“I live in Awka and move about in the area within the EEDC, the EEDC do not re-tension their lines; they do not filter their transformers and do not replace its broken insulators.

“If Generation Companies (GenCos) sell 100 megawatts to them, they only sell 80 megawatts because 20 megawatts have been lost to the decay in the power transmission lines.

“The iron losses and copper losses from their transformers is the reason they cannot sell all the power that they buy from the generation companies; so there is no efficiency,” he said.

Nwangwu described the estimated billing practice by DisCos as a way of making Nigerians pay for the inefficiency in the power sector.

He particularly criticised the EEDC for systematically refusing to provide pre-paid meters for its customers because it survives from the rip-off.

Nwangwu called on the Federal Government to stop estimated billing system by DisCos as a matter of policy and take closer look at the activities of the DisCos in the interest of the masses.


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