Countries like Nigeria Need Reliable Energy from Fossil Fuels if they are to Develop – IEA

RE n battery

The International Energy Agency has warned that battery storage is too expensive and unreliable to support development and industrialisation in developing countries such as Nigeria, WEM reports.

Major fluctuations in the availability of renewables mean that supply often is out of sync with demand. Solar cannot generate electricity at night or on a cloudy day, and neither can wind turbines if there is no wind. Battery demand is often cited as the answer to this conundrum but NGOs forget that renewable energy using batteries is not ready to provide power on demand. As well as being expensive, batteries are unable to provide power on a large-scale.

Renewables are key to the world’s future energy mix, but until an effective and affordable way to store their energy is found it is wrong to believe it is the ‘silver bullet’ for energy poverty. This is why the 1.2 billion who gained access to energy did so through an expansion of reliable fossil fuel capacity and extensions of the national grid. Developing countries should not be denied the same opportunity to industrialise like the West.

Source: Energy Mix Report

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