Biggest Challenge of Nigeria’s Power Sector is Structure – US Power Africa Rep

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Roseann Casey, a representative of the United States Power Africa initiative, has said that a lack of proper structure is the biggest challenge of the power sector in Nigeria, Vanguard reports.

Casey stated: “There are so many debts in the system. There are a lot of mentalities that people, institutions should not pay for power. If no one is paying for power, the companies cannot provide power supply, and it is a circular problem.”

“So, if there were functional institutions and mindsets changed, the power sector would be improved but it takes a little bit of trust at a time when nobody wants to trust because of the past experience.”

“But also the sector went through a huge transformation process that brought in a lot of different players. It wasn’t totally smooth as there are a lot of complicated differences that need to be worked on. And so, working some of these systemic issues between institutions is so important.”

Source: Energy Mix Report

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