About Us

Nigeria Electricity Hub (NEH)is an online portal that provides a variety ofplatforms for the analysis and dissemination of power sector related information,and the networking of key stakeholders in Nigeria’s power sector. These platforms include but are not limited to the official website, social media and live power sector events. It is a subsidiary of Nextier Capital Limited, and was borne out of the need to provide Nigerians with unrivalled access to the most credible power sector information.


Nigeria Electricity Hub operates in the best interest of the Nigeria electricity supply industry and aspires to provide information to parties interested in participating in the industry. The online portal is designed to be a one-stop location for news, data, analysis and general information on Nigeria’s power industry including power sector events, careers, webinars etc. The core objective of the portal is to provide information to our target customers to enable more-informed transactional decisions on Nigeria’s power sector.


Our services include but are not limited to:


  • News: We collate both local and international power sector related news from original sources, most notably from our partners in the Nigerian power sector. We have rich navigable archives, with a variety of filtering and sorting functionality made available.


  • Data&Research: Nigeria Electricity Hub provides a range of relevant power sector technical data like power generation, power consumption, peak generation, weather forecasts, load allocation, system collapses, frequency and voltage limits etc. Data collation and analysis functionality has been made available to advanced and regular users for easy conversion of data to usable information.We provide access to relevant research works pertaining to the power industry including unpublished government commissioned research works. We also provide access toon-going research works relevant to the power industry to enlighten potential investors interested in funding such projects.


  • Insight: We provide internal and outsourced insight -expert opinions, arguments, policy briefs, interviews, analyses- from industry experts. We also provide in-depth analysis of results from polls that would be conducted regularly on power industry issues.Nigeria Electricity Hub, in addition, provides relevant information about marketing operations, investment plans, risk management, financing structures and options in the power sector.It will contain information- profiling, service expertise, ranking, etc. -on potential investors with interests in the power sector. Our end goal is to create a platform that will provide opportunities for investment and competition in the market.


  • Companies & Products: We showcase various power sector companies, retail outlets, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) etc. and the various products and services they offer the power market with the aim of creating awareness and also educating investors, stakeholders and the general public on the essence of these new products/services.


  • Others: Nigeria Electricity Hub provides a number of other services. We organise power sector events andalso provide information on upcoming power sector related events and career developments opportunities. We provide webcasts and webinars of power sector related events, trainings, workshops and seminars.
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