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Global Energy Investment Slumped 12% to $1.7trn in 2016

Global Energy Investment Slumped 12% to $1.7trn in 2016

The world’s total energy investment was $1.7 trillion in 2016, having dropped by 12 per cent from 2015 in real terms and accounted for 2.2 per cent of global gross domestic product (GDP), World Energy Investment 2017 has revealed. The WEI, a publication of International Energy Agency, which was released in July, noted that increase

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Hydro, Wind and Solar Make Inroads in California’s Electric Grid

Wetter weather and continued growth in renewable energy sources resulted in some big changes in electricity generation in California in 2016, according to numbers recently released by the California Energy Commission. Natural gas still accounted for the largest single share of in-state power generation but the amount deployed dropped 10 percent last year. The difference was

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German Nuclear Damage Shows Atomic And Renewable Power are Unhappy Bedfellows

The Brokdorf nuclear power station, located in northern Germany, was taken offline in February after maintenance showed its reactor’s fuel rods had begun to unexpectedly oxidise. A regional nuclear supervisory body has now ruled that the plant can be booted back up but only in “safe mode”, according to Schleswig-Holstein’s energy transition minister. State Minister

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Beijing Aims To Curb City’s Use Of Coal By 2020

China’s capital city Beijing is aiming to cut its coal consumption to below 5 million tonnes by 2020 and limit the use of coal in smog-prone areas, a document issued by the Beijing Municipal Government showed on Tuesday. The city, which suffers from bouts of choking pollution, also pledged in a five-year-plan to boost renewable

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Wind, Solar Do Not Harm Power Grid Reliability

The growth of renewable power, including wind and solar, has not harmed the reliability of the U.S. electricity grid, according to a draft U.S. Department of Energy study, echoing the findings of grid operators across the country. The conclusion of the draft, dated July and viewed by Reuters, could ease fears in the renewable energy


UK Power Networks Aim For Role As Distribution Systems Operator

The UK’s largest electricity distributor has announced its intention to become a Distribution System Operator (DSO). UK Power Networks believes the move will help it deliver a smart, flexible energy system in accordance with the ongoing clean energy transition and they estimate they could save customers more than £1.6bn a year. reports that the company,

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