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Energy Prices and International Trade; Incorporating Input-Output Linkages

Energy Prices and International Trade; Incorporating Input-Output Linkages

This paper examines the effect of energy costs on industry export competitiveness. Most studies in the literature use direct energy consumption (energy consumption at the final stage of production) and domestic energy prices to compute energy costs faced by domestic industries. Using multi-country input-output information, this study measures the effect of aggregate energy costs on

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How to Incentivize Nigerians to Imbibe Energy Conservation Culture

In a situation where consumers receive outrageous bills on a monthly basis even when they had power supply only for a couple of hours in a day, such consumers will not be necessarily driven to switch off their light bulbs when leaving for work in the morning. Currently, a huge population of consumers still receive

energy theft

Energy Crisis In Nigeria: Technical Issues And Solutions.

There is no gainsaying the fact that the Nigerian power sector has been plagued with enormous challenges which has affected every aspect of the value chain and ultimately affected the billing system which consumers have repeatedly rejected and in extreme cases resulting in protests and violence against the staff of distribution companies. The author in


Improving Electricity Access in Nigeria: Obstacles and the Way Forward

There is no gainsaying the fact that a large percentage of Nigerians do not have any form of accessibility to power and this in no small way affects their productivity and that of the country. However this accessibility may however be hampered by factors ranging from inconsistent government policies, inefficiency and  non-performance, scarcity of fuel

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The Nigeria Power Situation: Hindsight, Insight and Foresight.

Various challenges have plagued the Nigerian power sector from inception till date which explains the present poor state of power supply in the country as various homes have become their own GenCo’s by resorting to the use of generators and other means of providing their own electricity. Citizens and consumers require 3 things from their

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