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Renewable Energy Issues And Electricity Production in Middle East Compared With Iran

Renewable Energy Issues And Electricity Production in Middle East Compared With Iran

The use of renewable energy has become an interesting issue for people and also governments across the world, especially in Iran where all different types of renewable energy sources (RES) are available and also possible to implement for gaining required energy. There are many different kinds of renewable energy sources like geothermal, bio fuel, tidal

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Promoting Renewable Energy And Energy Efficiency In Nigeria

Globally, more than 1.6 billion people live without access to electricity and a further 2.4 billion people are without modern energy services for cooking and heating and a large percentage of these numbers are congregated in sub-Saharan Africa and Asia. A huge development challenge facing Nigeria today which constitutes a large percentage of the human

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Potential for Sustainable Renewable Energy Development in Nigeria

Environmental degradation, unstable oil prices in the international market, global warming, and the crisis in the Niger Delta area of Nigeria where the bulk of crude oil for power generation is derived from has further made the choice of renewable energy inevitable.  However, increased awareness amongst the citizenry, investment in research and development in renewable


On Energy For Sustainable Development in Nigeria

  Prudent energy policies and research can play an important role in steering both industrialized and developing countries onto more sustainable energy development paths. Specifically, they can strengthen the three pillars of sustainable development: the economy, by boosting productivity; social welfare, by improving living standards and enhancing safety and security; and the environment, by reducing


Nigeria’s Energy Challenge And Power Development: The Way Forward

With global energy projections stating that between the years 2002-2025, global energy demands may rise by over 34%, with that of developing nations doubling this percentage, there is an urgent burden on developing nations to seek alternative means of meeting their energy demands. Nigeria in this regard with an ever increasing gap between its energy

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Nigeria’s Dual Energy Problems: Policy Issues and Challenges

The consistent disequilibrium in the Nigerian energy sector between the cost of actual energy supplied to the consumers and the cost of fueling generators is staggering, more worrisome is the fact that Nigeria has one of the largest deposits of energy generation materials, yet it has not found a way out of its power crisis.

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An Assessment Of Renewable Energy Readiness in Africa:

It is antithetical to note that the Africa which is endowed with sufficient human and natural resources to meet its energy demand, has an estimated 600 million persons without access to any form of electricity and because of an ever increasing human population, these numbers are likely to increase.  It is therefore urgent to source

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Integrating Renewable Energy and Smart Grid Technology into the Nigerian Electricity Grid System

The epileptic state of the Nigerian power sector  has continually baffled investors, consumers and all other stakeholders In the sector when considered against the background of how much policies and investment have been directed towards improving  the sector. This epilepsy, is one that has adversely  affected  the commerce of the nation. Having identified the potential

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