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Power Sector Recovery Programme: A Reinvigorated NESI?

Power Sector Recovery Programme: A Reinvigorated NESI?

The fundamental role of adequate power supply to the development of all the sectors in a country’s economy cannot be overemphasized. Unfortunately, the Nigerian Electricity Supply Industry (NESI) is yet to deliver the desired outcomes despite laudable efforts by successive government to advance the sector. The sector is plagued by myriad challenges stemming from various imbalances


True Cost of Electricity- [Infographics]

This document is a sequel to the original report on the true cost of electricity in Nigeria. Through the use of detailed graphic work, it presents a thorough and indepth analysis of the true cost of electricity and a glance and makes for easy reading and understanding.


True Cost of Electricity-Comparison of Costs of Electricity Generation in Nigeria

One hundred million Nigerians, representing 60% of the country’s population, have no access to grid electricity. Those who do have grid access experience extremely unreliable supply. Efforts are underway to accelerate the transition to an adequate electricity generation capacity that can meet the current and future demand of Nigerian citizens and their businesses. However, there


Negotiating a Joint European Energy Policy

Although there is broad consensus on the long-term need for a restructuring of the energy sector towards a greater use of renewable energies (wind power, photovoltaic, solar thermal power, hydropower, biogas, geothermal energy) in Europe, there still exists considerable differences when it comes to the question of which way could lead to a sustainable and

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Does Energy Efficiency Promote Economic Growth? Evidence from a Multi-Country and Multi-Sector Panel Data Set

Energy efficiency is commonly seen as a key policy option for climate change mitigation. It also has recently been promoted as an industrial policy to boost economic competitiveness. For example, the European Union’s 2030 Energy Strategy describes energy efficiency as fundamental in the transition toward a more competitive, secure, and sustainable energy system. And the

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China: West or East Wind Getting the Incentives Right

With rapid development of wind power in China, the following three issues have become barriers for further scale-up: 1) concentration of wind farms in the Three- North region, which became significantly underutilized because of a limited capability of local power grids to off-take and consume wind-generated electricity and because of a lack of coordinated development

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Energy Sector Policy of the AfDB Group

The Policy recognizes that adequate access to energy is critical for social and economic development of the continent. Yet most African countries are facing inadequate access to affordable and reliable modern energy services, in particular for low income segments of their population. At the same time, the continent’s energy sector needs to evolve rapidly to

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