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Consultation Paper for the Review Of The Transmission Company Of Nigeria (TCN) Tariff Under The Multi-Year Tariff Order Methodology (2015)

Consultation Paper for the Review Of The Transmission Company Of Nigeria (TCN) Tariff Under The Multi-Year Tariff Order Methodology (2015)

This consultation brief explains the pricing principle in determining the revenue requirement for transmission. Source: NERC Click ‘Download’ above for full document


International Investment & the Sustainable Development of the Power Sector in Nigeria: Prognoses into the Future

This paper examines how the Nigerian Power Sector could be put on the path of self-sustenance and uninhibited growth that is attendant and correspondent to an expectedly ascending economy. It further explores explore the factors that are likely to positively or negatively influence international investment in the power sector of an emerging country such as

NERC (1)

State of Affairs of the Nigerian Electricity Supply Industry – Abridged Second Quarter 2016

This publication is an abridged report for the second quarter of 2016. The Commission considered certain indicators which are key for the current stage of the market (Transitional Electricity Market-TEM), which is governed by contracts and contract enforcements. These indicators are used to evaluate the DISCOs, TCN, and GENCOs performances. Source: NERC Click ‘Download’ above


Matching Electricity Supply with Demand in Nigeria (2008)

Projections for energy demand and supply are studied in this paper. Using scenario-modelling, the projections were computed using the modelling tools – Model for the Analysis of Energy Demand (MAED) and Model for the Energy Supply Strategy Alternatives and their General Environmental Impact (MESSAGE). Four economic scenarios are developed under this study: Reference Scenario –


The current and future challenges of electricity market in Nigeria in the face of deregulation process (2013)

This paper focuses on the challenges facing electricity market in Nigeria and possible ways by which the nation can builds a sustainable electricity market. To achieve a sustainable electricity market that will ensure national economic growth target towards vision 20:2020, all hands must be on deck to monitor the Power Reform process, criticise, encourage and


Recovery of Cost of Electricity Supply in the Nigerian Power Sector (2013)

This study analysed revenue generation in the power sector to determine the extent to which it covers the operational cost of electricity supply in the Nigerian power sector. The study also examined whether increase in tariff has significantly increased revenue and the impact of the increase in power generated during the study period. The study


Evaluation of the Roadmap to Power Sector Reforms in a Developing Economy (2012)

The recent roadmap of the current Government in Nigeria, towards power sector reform, is evaluated in this paper using some yardsticks that are very potent to the success of the electricity industry.  Government-motivated policies such as institutionalisation of MYTO, asset management of successor companies, and policies on the generating, transmission, and distribution companies are discussed

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