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An Examination Of The Challenges Of Power Supply In Nigeria In Post-Privatization Era.

An Examination Of The Challenges Of Power Supply In Nigeria In Post-Privatization Era.

The privatization of the Nigerian power sector in 2013 was greeted with much euphoria by the general public as it was presumed that it would put a final nail in the coffin to the issues that have consistently plagued the sector while fully under government control. However, 3 years after such exercise, there really has


Nigerian Electricity Transmission Grid – Issues and Way Forward

Introduction The Transmission grid is an integral part of the electricity value chain. The operation of the electricity transmission network is vested in the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN), one of the successor companies unbundled from the Power Holding Company Ltd. The TCN is the only successor company in the electricity value chain still in


The Daunting Challenges of the Nigerian Electricity Supply Industry

Although the privatization of the power sector was completed in 2013, the sector has not really made much progress, save for some occasional flashes of administrative brilliance. Despite the availability of human and natural resources, it is yet to hit its stride in providing adequate power supply to the consumers. However with the ongoing sector

gas emissions

Nigeria’s Energy Supply Crisis; Environmental Solutions.

Presently, a large percentage of the material used in generating power in the country is dependent on Natural gas which accounts for about 39.8% of the total energy produced. However this material with its attendant effect on the atmosphere should be discouraged and other sources of cleaner and renewable energy should be encouraged.  Currently the

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