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From Megawatts to Actual Delivery: Bottlenecks and Solutions (2015)

From Megawatts to Actual Delivery: Bottlenecks and Solutions (2015)

This is a text brief of a lecture delivered by the former NERC chairman, Dr. Sam Amadi. In his lecture, he discusses the poor power supply and the situation in Nigeria. He highlights the lack of a coherent gas to power policy and corruption and incompetence in project management as a major cause of the


Unbundling the Transmission Behemoth (2016)

NIAF provided technical assistance to TCN in addressing the binding constraints to unbundling its business units through a reform centred approach. The NIAF interventions utilised a disciplined and systematic approach that focused reform efforts on the most critical elements of TCN. The interventions acknowledged the complexities of the Nigerian electricity market, which is currently in


TCN Transmission Projects – Technical Due Diligence (2016)

NIAF’s Technical Due Diligence has become a critical enabler for crafting viable and practical solutions for the completion of stalled TCN projects. Unlike previous years where insufficient budgetary allocations to capital expenditure by the Government was prevalent, this Technical Due Diligence has informed the Federal Government, TCN and the National Assembly to make adequate appropriation


Power Sector Reform: TEM Implementation (2015)

A publication from the knowledge portal of the Nigeria Infrastructure Advisory Facility (NIAF), reports on the role of NIAF in preparing the sector for TEM, covering many clients and complexities across the value chain. This briefing note explores NIAF’s interventions which helped prepare the sector for this significant milestone. With commencement of the TEM, Nigeria’s


Major Factors affecting electricity generation, transmission, and distribution in Nigeria (2010)

This paper focused on the capacity of electricity generation in Nigeria and the major factors affecting electricity generation, transmission and distribution in the country.  The author lists out the major factors affecting generation, transmission, and distribution of electricity in Nigeria. The paper concludes with recommendations to restructure the Nigerian radial interconnected electricity generation station grid system,


Power Supply to Industries – Pros and Cons of available options (2010)

A Presentation at the one-day conference of the Nigerian Society of Chemical Engineers ( a Division of NSE), held at the Ikeja Sheraton Hotel and Towers, Lagos. It outlines the power supply needs of manufacturers and industries and the options available. Market price analyses are conducted to see the impact of gas tariffs on profitability.


An Economic Assessment of the Reform of Nigerian Electricity Market

This paper makes a critical assessment of the proposed reform of the electricity market in Nigeria. It highlights some of the challenges such as severe electricity crisis due to the appalling state of power infrastructures, double digit transmission losses and low tariffs. Empirical investigation was conducted using a Linear Programming optimization model via General Algebraic


The Nigerian Power Sector Investment Opportunities and Guidelines (Draft), 2016

This document, produced by the Nigerian Ministry of Power, gives a step-by-step guide to investors looking to come into any portion of the Nigerian Electricity Supply Industry. The document recognizes that the sector currently suffers from an over dependence on gas and therefore sets out to encourage a more diverse energy mix in a bid

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