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China: West or East Wind Getting the Incentives Right

China: West or East Wind Getting the Incentives Right

With rapid development of wind power in China, the following three issues have become barriers for further scale-up: 1) concentration of wind farms in the Three- North region, which became significantly underutilized because of a limited capability of local power grids to off-take and consume wind-generated electricity and because of a lack of coordinated development

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Climate Finance Tracking Guidance Manual [Energy Sector]

Financial resources from a variety of public and private sources have been, and will continue to be, committed to support climate change adaptation and mitigation. While there is a wide agreement that rapid and successful deployment of this international public finance is a critical first step in allowing developing countries to adapt to climate change

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Implementing Onshore Wind Power Projects

Wind power has grown dramatically in recent years, although it still accounts for just 0.3 percent of the world’s final energy consumption. Wind power costs have declined by some 14 percent annually since the mid-1980s and are now in the same range as those of fossil fuel in the OECD. Wind projects are relatively quick


GREENING THE WIND: Environmental and Social Considerations for Wind Power Development in Latin America and Beyond

According to the International Energy Agency, electricity demand is projected to grow by around 30 percent by 2020. With growing attention to climate considerations and cost concerns regarding thermal generation as petroleum prices rise, alternative generation technologies will become increasingly important in tackling energy security issues. Renewable energy, and wind energy in particular, will be



Colombia has a rich endowment of energy sources.The natural gas reserves in 2008 were 7.3 tera cubic feet (of which 60 percent were proven reserves). At the current rate of  utilization  these  reserves would last 23 years. Likewise, Colombia’s coal reserves are rated at seven billion tons (or about 100 years of production at the


Meeting the Challenges of Offshore and Large-Scale Wind Power: Regulatory Review of Offshore Wind in Five European Countries

National renewable energy (RE) targets and incentive schemes have been examined for the five countries of interest in the context of international commitments and policy drivers. Germany and the United Kingdom have the most ambitious plans for offshore wind of the national markets examined, with an aspiration for installation of 25 GW by 2030. The objective

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The Investment Case for Mini-Grids & Off-Grids in Africa

With a quarter of the earth projected to be Africans by 2050, population size is expected to reach 2.4 billion people in that same year. If the current power demand and supply gap were matched today, in many African countries, the imminent population growth is bound to disrupt that balance in about a decade. Investment

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