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Global Trends In Renewable Energy Investment 2016

Global Trends In Renewable Energy Investment 2016

Renewable energy has been touted to replace the current  mode of electricity generation across the globe. This is so because of the advantage renewable energy offers when compared with the use of fossil fuels that have dominated  electricity generation. Furthermore, a major factor that has strengthened the growth of renewable energy has been the massive

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Sustainable Energy Development: The Key to a Stable Nigeria

Despite the presence of an abundance of natural resources that may be used to meet the energy needs of the country, the Nigerian Power Sector has to a large extent groped in darkness for a solution to address this challenge. In this article, a strong case is made for a decentralized power system and exploring


Research and Development Potentials in Biofuel Production in Nigeria

Nigeria’s natural resource wealth (including renewable energy potentials) has been well documented and acknowledged. However, the contribution of renewable energy sources to the total national energy supply and demand is currently very low or negligible. Presently a large percentage of Nigerians are not connected to the grid and therefore have no access to any form


Energy-Cost Analysis of Alternative Sources to Electricity in Nigeria

Renewable energy offers a lot of potential which could revolutionize the future of power generation in the country. Although, the potentials are indeed quite feasible, the question on the lips of most consumers have always centered on the issues of cost, availability, advantages and disadvantages amongst others. This article makes a comparative analysis on how


Prospects of Solar Power Generation in Diversifying Nigeria’s Energy Mix.

In the face of the current epileptic power supply and the attendant environmental hazards that arise from power generation through thermal means, which presently constitutes a large bulk of the country’s energy mix, renewable energy has been touted as the next probable option that could help solve the country’s present energy crises. However the question

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Radical Change in Global Energy Long Overdue

The use of fossil fuels to generate energy has been established as environmentally hazardous and one of the leading factors of climate change. Although there has been increased awareness and investments in renewable energy, the use of fossil fuels to generate energy continues to rise. As the demand for electricity is estimated to double by


Five Game-Changers Powering The Future of Renewable Energy

In the last few years, the world has been experiencing a major shift in the way power is being generated and distributed to the consumers as emphasis is placed on cleaner and renewable sources of energy. Despite lingering regulatory and technical hurdles, an enormous perceptional shift concerning alternative energy has occurred: renewables are now seen

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Can Wind and Solar Fuel Africa’s Future?

This article considers Africa’s development in relation to renewable energy, it concedes that African countries have made great strides towards adopting greener sources of energy. With countries such as Morocco committed to generating 42% of its electricity from renewable sources and parts of South Africa littered with wind turbines, it is evident that Africa is

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