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Russia Moves to Reconnect Electricity to Crimea

Russia Moves to Reconnect Electricity to Crimea

Vladimir Putin has promised to restore electricity to Crimea after making a surprise visit on Wednesday night. The peninsula’s been without power for ten days after pylons in Ukraine were blown up. In response, the Russian president launched a 100km power line to connect Crimea to Russia’s energy system. The work to make Crimea energy


Ukraine’s Energy Minister Says No Power For Crimea Until Tatars Activist Agree

Ukraine’s Energy Minister says the Government will not restore power to crimea without the approval of Crimean Tatar activists, who are guarding the sites of the damaged electricity lines. The Tatars, the peninsula’s indigenous people, say that since Russia took over they have experienced repression and violence. Ukraine, Volodymyr Demchyshyn said, was ready to meet about


Russian Ministry: Electric Power Supplies to Ukraine are Agreed Until Thursday Inclusive

The schedule of electric power supplies from Russia to Ukraine was agreed until November 12 inclusive, Russian Ministry of Energy told TASS on Monday. “We have not received a formal notice from the Ukrainian side concerning termination of Russian electric power procurements,” the representative of the ministry said. “Supplies in November will provisionally amount to

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