Nigeria to Make 25 Billion Dollars Reserve For Energy

Laolu Akande

The Federal Government of Nigeria said it is focused on making a $25 billion asset through open and private division financing to reserve interest in energy, power, and transportation, with the point of modernizing framework and maintaining a strategic distance from a retreat.

A representative for Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, Mr Laolu Akande who uncovered this noted:

“The Vice President disclosed that other sovereign wealth funds have already indicated an interest in the fund, which would be used to address the nation’s decaying road, rail and power infrastructures.”

He expressed that the country need a quick framework improvement to support financial development yet the country’s economy, the greatest on the landmass, which depends to a great extent on oil for government incomes has been pounded by the fall in oil costs.

On the other hand, Akande did not say when precisely the asset would be set up.


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