Solar Eclipse Disrupts Electricity In Germany?


In March this year, there was a solar eclipse over Europe, and ever since, researchers have been debating whether or not the eclipse may have been responsible for obstructing power that is generated by solar energy systems (solar panels), according to a news release. The researchers are yet to determine possibilities if the eclipse had an impact on the electrical supply across the country. The researchers studied data and simulation analyses of the solar eclipse that occurred over Europe. They found that the shadowing may have caused a sudden drop in the power gradient, which was followed by an abrupt rise. There was an increase in the amount of imported power, while the amount of exported power dropped, similarly.

“The electrical power supply was not threatened and most likely would not have posed a significant problem even in a worst-case scenario,” Sven Killinger, lead author of study, said in a news release.

The findings of this study were published in Energy Technology.


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