Smart Grid Will Improve Efficiency in Power Sector – Huawei


Technology services provider, Huawei, while at the West African Power Industry Convention 2015, stressed the need for smarter systems in the power industry, saying its full adoption will drive energy efficiency in Nigeria.

According to The Punch, the President, Energy Industry, Enterprise Business Group, Huawei, Mr. Jerry Ji, who delivered the keynote address, said, “With Huawei’s fully-connected smart grid solution based on innovative ICT infrastructure, these companies can build safe, reliable, environmentally friendly, and sustainable power grids to improve energy and operational efficiency.”

He added, “In line with its business-driven ICT infrastructure guiding principle, Huawei is committed to building a smart grid value chain by focusing on ICT infrastructure and implementing its win-win cooperation strategy. With this, Huawei fully collaborates with its partners in the areas of technology, hardware, software, and services to enable joint innovations, helping customers in the electric power industry achieve business success.”

The firm also added that Huawei’s AMI Solution had helped a Nigerian power company to drive real-time electricity fee settlement, which previously took the company two to three months to complete.

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