Nigeria, 120 Countries Launch 100 Billion Dollars Solar Alliance Scheme


Nigeria is partnering with over 120 countries in the International Solar Alliance (ISA), an ambitious solar alliance that plans  $100 billion of investments in widespread solar projects and infrastructure that are needed by 2030. The widely anticipated initiative, was launched at the on-going international climate summit in Paris.

Under the initiative, the countries said in a statement; “the objective is to significantly augment solar power generation in our countries, we intend making joint efforts through innovative policies, projects, programmes, capacity building measures and financial instruments to mobilize more than $100 billion of investments that are needed by 2030 for the massive deployment of affordable solar energy”.

Nigerian Minister of  Environment, Mrs. Amina Mohammed said that exploiting  renewable energy requires partnership. “The scale we want to go in terms of  renewables is not where Nigeria can go by itself. We want an alliance with people who have technology under the South South Cooperation, and financing flow from our partners in G7″ she said.


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