Ogun Communities Threaten Shut Down Over Electricity

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Disgruntled communities in Ogun State has threatened to shut down the Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company (IBEDC) over lack of electricity.

Communities in Magboro, Arepo, Ibafo and Mowe have bemoaned the poor power supply, saying that they have forked out large sums of money with little reward.

Complainants have disclosed that they have spent over N500m on equipment to assist the IBEDC in providing the people with electricity, but they have since experienced very little success.

It has been alleged that communities have been disconnected from the IBEDC power source in Abeokuta, saying that the demand for power is greater than what the power plant can supply.

Members of the community revealed that they had been promised electricity provided from an independent power project in Ako Are three years ago and they remain waiting.

Residents have also alleged that the electricity company is also billing them for for power that was never provided, quoting them exorbitant amounts of money when asked to install prepaid meters into the properties.

Regional Communications Officer at the Ogun State branch of the IBEDC, Regina Adelokun, disclosed that the company is working hard to reconnect residents to the power plant, adding that the operation has been plagued with technical glitches.

Adelokun urged residents to be patient as the IBEDC could not give them a definite date for re-connection.


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