Indorama Plans to Expand PET Production Capacity by 2017


Indorama Group, the world leader in Poly-Ethylene Terephthalate (PET) production, plans to significantly increase production capacity at its facility in Nigeria, Daily Independent reports.

Mr. Manish Mundra, Managing Director/CEO of Indorama-Nigeria, who said the new capacity would come on stream by 2017, believes that the expansion in PET production is a further demonstration of the group’s confidence in the Nigerian economy and commitment to help in supplying PET resins to Nigerian industries.

A release from the company said, after completion, Indorama’s annual PET production in Nigeria would be large enough to take care of the entire domestic demand over many years. It said that the investment in increasing capacity further reinforces Indorama’s policy of providing security of assured supply at a time when getting PET resin from alternative sources is becoming a growing challenge.


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