Power Generation at Egbin Drops to 880MW


Africa’s biggest power station, Egbin located in Lagos has shed its generation capacity due to ongoing routine maintenance on one of its units.

Leadership check revealed that the plant originally designed to run on six units of 220 Mega Watts each has been challenged at a point over gas supply.

The company after its take over by Sahara group and its technical partner has invested several billions of naira to revamp the once moribund plant.

Egbin in the last few months has generated and sustained 1100 MW of electricity boosting power supply in Lagos.

It also recently entered into a power purchase agreement with Eko Disco to enhance electricity supply to that network.

Leadership however gathered that the company has shut down one of the functioning units forcing power generation to drop to 880MW from 1100MW.

“One of the units is undergoing routine clean up. There is some level of contamination due to rising tide and water level at the Lagoon from where we get water to cool the plant” a highly placed source told our correspondent.   She explained that the plant depend on water from the Lagoon which goes into the unit via a tube and dispenses through another channel.

“Now when the water due to weather condition and the rising tide brings much dirty substances and this enters the compressor we have to shut down to do clean up and then restart the unit.


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