NUEE Tasks Electricity Companies on Service Delivery


Electricity companies have been urged to take advantage of the recent energy sector privatisation in the country to showcase their readiness to serve Nigerians, especially in the area of power generation, transmission and billing system. National Secretary of National Union of Electricity Employees (NUEE), Comrade Joe Ajaero, who gave the challenge at the weekend in Jos during a visit of the national leadership of the union to the corporate headquarters of NESCO Nigeria Limited, also urged the companies to emulate the Josbased private firm which has been providing steady power supply to residents for the past 87 years. NESCO Nigeria Limited has been a private electricity generating company in Nigeria based in Jos where the company has been generating, transmitting and distributing electricity power to consumers in Jos and its environs for the past 87 years.

With the presence of the private company in Jos, residents of the state have the option to get connected to the private power generating company or get connected to the Federal Government’’s electric power source. Many consumers in the state, particularly residents within Plateau northern senatorial zone prefer NESCO that has been so consistent and committed to service. So far, it has proved to be more effective in power supply to its customers than government’’s own electric power company. With the privatisation of the PHCN, more private investors have become involved in the generation and distribution of electricity in the country. Ajaero, who said he led his executive to NESCO to commend them for their exemplary style of business, disclosed that the union now appreciates the efforts of NESCO when other private companies joined in the power business and are not making headways.

Said the NLC factional leader: ““Some investors took over government properties, structures and offices to manage but still fail to impress electricity consumers, but NESCO built their own from scratch and they are doing well in Plateau State. ““That is why we felt the management of NESCO deserved our commendation for consistency of effective service to citizens of Nigeria and to also use the opportunity to call on these new investors in the power sector to tap from the experience of NESCO which has been in the business for 87 years. ““These new investors are increasing tariff, exploiting consumers without improved service; they have disappointed Nigerians already. I urge them to come to NASCO and seek ideas on how to run the sector. ““The situation where the new investors will impose a blanket tariff increase is not acceptable to the union and Nigerians; that is exploitation, we expect the power sector managers to provide meters first to every consumer to allow people pay for what they consume. ““These are the same investors that promised efficiency of power supply when they took over and for three years now Nigerians have not seen any improvement and they are trying to force people to pay 45 per cent tariff increment. ””


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