March 2016 Twitterview with Mr. Trevor Davidson on “Improving Efficiency in Nigeria’s Power Sector”

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Mr  Trevor Davidson, Technical Director , Naveegat Services Limited, will be joining Nigeria Electricity Hub on twitter @NGElectricHub to discuss “Improving Efficiency Nigeria’s Power Sector ” today  March 30, 2016 by 3: 00 PM.

The discussion points are

  • Ideas for improving efficiency in power supply
  • Investment opportunities and incentives for embedded power generation
  • Sources for investment in transmission grid with drop in FDI

#PowerWednesday, an initiative of Nigeria Electricity Hub, is a social media platform for discussing and addressing critical issues relating to Nigeria’s power sector. A guest is invited every last Wednesday of the month to discuss a topical issue on Twitter. The programme is designed to bridge the communication gap between ordinary citizens, government and industry players in the power sector.

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