Cummins Nigeria Launches 1,540KW Gas Powered Generator

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Cummins Energy Solutions Nigeria, the official Cummins Nigeria Gas Product distributor and after-market dealer, has officially launched the new 1,540KW high-efficiency Osprey gas generator in the country.

The company said in a statement that much research and development had gone into the new Osprey engine, describing it as one of the most efficient engines on the global market – delivering up to 44 per cent electrical efficiency. In waste heat recovery applications, the total system efficiency can climb to 84 per cent, it said.

It said the OspreyQSK 60G, designed and manufactured in the UK, had raised keen interest from industrial manufacturers in Nigeria who were quickly switching to natural gas and seeking high-efficiency engines to boost competitiveness. Cummins said natural gas-fired power generation was about 40 per cent cheaper than diesel-based generation, with significant environmental benefits.


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