Inadequate Power Generation Affecting Grid Stability, Says TCN


The Transmission Company of Nigeria has explained that the instability of the country’s electricity grid is due to inadequate power generation.

In recent times, the country’s electricity grid has been characterised by recurrent system collapses. For instance, in May this year, the nation’s power generation collapsed to zero megawatts six times, the highest level since 2009.

Latest updates obtained from the TCN’s system operator on Wednesday showed that power generation as of 6am on Tuesday was 1,726.6MW, down from a peak of 2,095.9MW recorded the previous day, a development that confirmed the company’s position on the inadequacy of electricity generation.

Findings showed the lowest generation level of 1,344.4MW on June 20, and the average energy sent out on the same day was put at 1,681MWh/hour, while the major constraint to power production was gas shortage.

This constraint, according to industry data seen by our correspondent, led to a loss of 4,486MW of electricity in just one day.

The transmission company, however, stated that it was working hard to ensure that the plunge in power generation did not lead to a complete collapse of the national electricity grid.

“Although the grid stability is presently impaired due to lack of adequate generation, the TCN will continue to work at averting the collapse of the system,” it stated.

The TCN also stated that although it had the capacity to wheel maximum power from the generation plants to the distribution companies, it would continue to work to further expand its grid capacity so as to surpass the generation curve.

The company highlighted three specific short term projects that should be completed with the least amount of funds and which should have maximum impact on the country’s transmission network.


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