Nigeria Needs at Least 180,000 MW of Electricity – BEDC

The Business Manager, Ag­bor Business Unit, of the Benin Electricity Distri­bution Plc (BEDC), Mr. Curtis Nwadei has lamented the spate of vandalism of gas pipelines in the Niger Delta by militants, saying that the country’s power genera­tion is grossly inadequate for con­sumption.
Putting it at just nine percent, with just an average of 300 mega­watts of energy for BEDC custom­ers in Edo, Delta, Ondo and Ekiti States, as against 12, 000 required on the average to satisfy customers, he said Nigerians are heavily short­changed in the sector by a myriad of problems, including bombings.
He also put the average mega­watts supply to Nigeria at a mere 3, 500 megawatts in a country that needs at least 180, 000 megawatts, with 1,000 megawatts to every one million Nigerians on the average.
His words: “Currently we are not doing well in Nigeria in terms of generation because of the in­cessant bombing of pipelines by the militants. Apart from affect­ing power, it is also affecting the economy.
“Our output as a country that produces crude oil has dropped as well. If we are to go by the rule of thumb, whereby we need one thousand megawatts of energy for one million people, it therefore means we need 180, 000 mega­watts for 180 million people of Nigeria. This is not possible as I speak to you. As at this morning, we are still generating 3, 500 mega­watts for the entire country. Gen­eration is at that level.
“Meanwhile transmission does not have the capacity to evacuate the entire energy generated. So whatever transmission can evac­uate is what they share among the 11 Discos. BEDC allocation is just nine percent of whatever trans­mission can evacuate for the four states we cover. We need an aver­age of 12, 000 megawatts of energy to satisfy our customers in the four states.
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