JEDC Releases Statement on Planned Power Outage


The Management of Jos Electricity Distribution Company has released a statement regarding impending power outages in several designated areas:



 Dear Esteemed Customers,


This is to inform you all that there will be an emergency planned outage on 330KV Jos – Gombe line schedule   for Wednesday 10 August 2016 9:00 hours.This is to enable Transmission maintenance crew amend glowing clamp on blue phase. Ashaka Cement company and customers in Gombe state will be out of supply during the duration of the outage.


Also on Saturday 13th August 2016 10:00 hours,   Kaduna – Jos 330KV line will be open for routine maintenance at Mando 300KV switch yard.         

Jos Region will be fed from Makurdi 300KV line during the maintenance work.


Please note that we shall be faced with the challenge of High voltage and usuage of our feeders to suppress it.


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