Electricity Commission Must Rescue Consumers


When the Nigeria Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) came on board, a  lot of consumers heaved a sense of relief, that the consumers can no longer be surcharged in term of the payment of electricity tariff. In fact, the commission has directed that all consumers should be given pre-paid metres for monthly bill to be on the energy consumed by consumers.

The commission has directed all the distribution companies to comply with the directive. But what the Yola Distribution Company is doing in Yola is incomprehensible as the company is grossly making the consumers, especially those who are being billed, pay through their nose because of over billing.

Despite this glaring over billing by the company, the commission failed to wade in to reprimand the company in its failure to distribute pre-paid metres to the consumers. The consumers are paying high bills every month ranging from twelve thousand down to ten thousand naira.

This, coupled with the recession, has eaten deep into an average Nigerian’s pocket, and has boxed the people into a tight corner. The people are contemplating doing away with electricity because of the sudden hike of billing on flat rate for those that do not have pre-paid metres.

The way and manner the Yola Electricity Distribution Company is treating consumers is quite unbelievable and it is not obtained anywhere in Nigeria. The company is treating its consumers with great disdain as we are still living in apartheid.

It is imperative for the commission to come into the matter of the over-billing being heaped on the common man and woman in Yola by the distribution company in the name of monthly billing, which common sense cannot comprehend.

What is being meted out to consumers in Yola, I’m sure, is not being done anywhere in the country. How can a low-income earner cough out twelve thousand naira in a month as bill for electricity consumed?

This amount is too much for people, especially in the lowest strata of the society to cope with at this period of time that the economy is biting them hard. The government should also be considerate by not allowing such a company charging the people heavy bills each for consuming energy. It should compel the company to install pre-paid metres in each household.

Source: The Nation

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