Power Crisis Deepens as Power Generation Drops to 3 531 MegaWatts


Lagos – The National Electricity Grid, yesterday experienced further drop in its generation to about 3 531.7 megawatts (mw).

This will translate to a drop in supply sent out to the 11 Distribution Companies (DISCOs) across the country.

Statistics obtained from the Nigeria System Operator (NSO), a section of the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN), indicated that about 78242.67mw hour (mwh) was sent out on Saturday for supply across the DISCOs.

Also, while electricity generation peaked at 3 808.5mw, there was a significant drop the same day to 2 931.9mw.

Meanwhile, the Generation Companies (GENCOs) had earlier attributed the recent drops in the country’s generation to inadequate gas-to-power for the mostly gas-based power plants.

The report further reads that, the highest system frequency recorded on the day under review was 51.62 Hz, while the lowest frequency was 48.87 Hz.

Source: News24

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