Kano State Hydro Project to Provide Constant Electricity to 100 Companies


Alhaji Rabiu Bako, the Kano State Commissioner of Commerce, Industries and Cooperatives, has said that the Kano State Government has concluded plans to provide 100 companies out of the 600 in the state with constant power supply

Bako disclosed this on Wednesday shortly after defending the ministry’s 2017 proposed budget at the state assembly. Bako said the ministry proposed to expend over N1.7 billion to complete ongoing projects including the state’s hydro power project.

Bako said: “we have discussed with the management of 100 companies out of the 600 we have in the state on this issue of power. We have concluded to provide them with constant power supply during their production hours; after which we can divert the power to other places including our major streets.”

Source: EnergyMix

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