PwC Advocates Off Grid, Renewable Solutions for Nigeria’s Power Sector


Experts at the just concluded yearly Power and Utilities Round Table, organised by PricewaterhouseCoopers in Lagos, believed that off-grid and small-scale energy solutions that generate electricity closer to end users will bolster productive uses of energy and income generation in the country

Partner and lead, Power & Utilities, PwC Nigeria, Pedro Omontuemhen, said with regard to Nigeria’s current power situation: “ Faster progress is needed, and we believe it can be achieved if national energy policies adopt a more comprehensive approach to energy access, embracing the new starting points for energy provided by standalone renewable technology and mini-grids.”

Omontuemhen noted: “For the millions of people who don’t currently have access to electricity, the old assumption that they will have to wait for grid extensions is being turned on its head by new technological possibilities.” “‘All or nothing’ approaches that focus primarily on the national grid are increasingly out of step to what is now possible in power technology. Advances in technology are rapidly changing the options available beyond the grid,” he added.

He went on to say; “Falling solar technology costs have spurred the growth of standalone home systems and are changing the economics of mini-grid systems. Battery storage technology is fast evolving to the point where it is going to play a significant role in utility-scale solar power storage and is beginning to feature in smaller-scale off-grid solutions. Together with access to mobile technology and mobile payment systems for microloans, a new era has arrived for beyond the grid electrification.”

Source: EnergyMix

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