Power Sector Loses N992 Million


Nigeria’s electricity sector lost about N992 million, yesterday, basically due to gas and water constraints, daily operational report of the Nigerian Electricity System Operation obtained by Vanguard, stated. Power generation is said to have dropped by 209 megawatts, MW, as average power sent out stood at 3,305 Megawatts as against 3,514 Megawatts sent out the previous day. The reported gas constraint was 1,917 Megawatts, as against the previous figure of 3,122 Megawatts, while the water constraint remained unchanged at 150 Megawatts.

Comparatively, the report showed that generation slightly improved, yesterday, due to better gas supply. Of the gas powered generation companies, Gbarain was shut down for maintenance work on the fire hydrant. For the hydro powered generation companies, Kainji G/S 1G5 was out on maintenance, while Shiroro is said to have reported water constraints. There was no grid constraint. Power was not sent out from nine gas powered generation companies.

They include Gbarain, Rivers IPP, Trans Amadi, ASCO A.E.S, Olorunsogo IPP, Ibom, Alaoji NIPP, Ihovbor and Afam IV – V. Kainji, Jebba and Shiroro received 274 Megawatts, 387 Megawatts and 298 Megawatts as against 288 Megawatts, 402 Megawatts and 293 Megawatts previously received respectively.

Also, Egbin, Sapele 1 and Delta received 164 Megawatts, 51 Megawatts and 274 Megawatts as against 166 Megawatts, 36 Megawatts and 278 Megawatts, respectively. Geregu 1, Omotosho 1, Olorunsogo 1, Geregu NIPP and Sapele NIPP were given 99 Megawatts, 89 Megawatts, 67 Megawatts, 85 Megawatts and 93 Megawatts respectively, while Omotosho NIPP, Odukpani NIPP, Okpai and Afam VI were given 98 Megawatts, 1134 Megawatts, 389 Megawatts, and 541 Megawatts respectively. Omoku, Egbin STG and Paras received 82 Megawatts, 166 Megawatts and 41 Megawatts respectively.

Source: Vanguard

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