Ibom Power Announces Resumption of Operations


The managing director of Ibom Power Company, Meyen Etukudoh has announced the resumption of operations following the restoration of gas supply to its facility after more than 114 days of inactivity, BusinessDay reports.

Etukudoh said though the maintenance was initially scheduled to last for 45 days which elapsed on the 4th of December 2016, it spanned to 114 days as gas was restored to Ibom plant on the 12th of February 2017. The company’s main gas supplier embarked on “critical system upgrade and maintenance of the Ikot Abasi Gas Receiving Facility (IGRF) to Ibom power,” he said.

The 60 km 18-inch IGRF from Uquo to Ikot Abasi is the distribution infrastructure that delivers gas to the Ibom power plant. Ibom power plant is one of the 22 gas fired power plants in Nigeria and has three installed units with total capacity of 191MW of electricity.

Source: EnergyMix

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