Ikeja Electric Unveils Safety Agenda For 2017


Becoming a world class company that ensures both the safety of customers and staff alike is no easy feat but this is exactly what Ikeja Electric Plc, Nigeria’s largest electricity distribution network, has set out to do.

Operating in an industry where keeping the highest safety standards could mean the difference between life and death, the onus lies on Ikeja Electric not only to adopt globally accepted safety practices but also to put measures in place to tackle the unique challenges that are indigenous to the Nigerian system.

Being an operator within a high risk sector and bearing in mind the inestimable value of human life, Ikeja Electric’s Health and Safety Department has set out its Safety Direction for the year. Themed, “Beyond Zero”, and in line with her Management’s Corporate Agenda, the company sets out to enhance safety consciousness among staff, call attention to current safety practices and entrench international safety standards in all her processes, thus ensuring the safety of life and property. Instituting a safety index, IE deliberately tracks safety incidents, accidents and hazards within her network and beyond to ensure that no life is lost.

IE’s safety mission for 2017 is to ensure that all staff accept responsibility for their personal safety and help others around do the same while promoting safety as a team effort. The vision remains “zero accidents and casualties” within her network.

To drive the theme, IE’s HSE department has flagged off a safety awareness campaign to ensure that all IE staff are conversant with safe operational practices as they go about their duties. Statutory In-house Safety Trainings, Contractor Safety Engagements, Technical Safety Leadership Interactive Fora, Public Safety Sensitization Programmes, etc have been scheduled in the first quarter of the year to ensure that safe practices becomes an entrenched culture in the business.

Speaking at the flag off, the Head Corporate Communications, Felix Ofulue said, “Our efforts simply reflect the value Management places on life. Everyone’s life counts, irrespective of grade, gender, ethnicity or religion and we are committed to ensuring that both staff and customers are protected daily”.

“Our robust performance assessment, carried out on a monthly basis, ensures that we stay the path and where there are any deviations, we correct immediately. This is why across the network we have safety champions and ambassadors who keep watch over compliance to our safety policy” he concluded.

Source: IWIN

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