Six GenCos Generated Zero Electricity In One Week

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The challenges bedevilling the power sector appear worsening as the Transmission Company of Nigeria, TCN, through the daily operational report of the National Control Centre, NCC, yesterday, reported that six power generating companies, GENCOs, failed to generate power in seven days.

The report also indicated that the Gen Cos lost about N7.73 billion in the last one week due to constraints of gas and water to the power plants. This, however, came along with a significant increase in power generation to 4,452.5 megawatts (mw) from a low of 3000MW, previous week, indicating that the remaining five GENCOs were able to ramp up output during the period.

According to the report, the six Gen Cos involved in the zero output of electricity include Sapele 1, Afam IV-V, A.E.S, ASCO, Trans-Amadi, and Rivers IPP.

Commenting on TCN’s efforts to improve power supply in the country, the company’s General Manager, Public Affairs, Seun Olagunju, said “Everybody in the power chain is working assiduously to ensure efficient power delivery in every nook and cranny of the country. If the GENCOs are not generating power, and the Dis Cos are not distributing, there will be nothing to transmit and the business will not flow.” In a quick reaction, the generation companies, Gen Cos said they have improved in recent times but they, however, indicted the TCN of failed delivery.

 Speaking on this, Executive Secretary, Association of Power Generation Companies (APGC), Dr. Joy Ogaji, stated: “There has been a lot of pressure by the Gen Cos to convince the nation that we can generate more than what TCN is willing or able to transmit, and this has revealed the long-hidden secret and exonerated the Gen Cos of the allegation of inability to generate enough.

“TCN has no choice but to make improvements or answer to the people why Gen Cos’ 7,500MW average output can’t reach them. The Federal Government promised to pay Gen Cos though not yet fulfilled.”

According to General Manager, Corporate Communications, Eko Distribution Company, Mr. Godwin Idemudia, “The observed improvement in power supply is attributable to the rise in generation level which itself was a fallout of the on-going peace moves with stakeholders in the Niger Delta in recent time.’’

Source: All News Nigeria

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